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We have now played 6 games at home and 6 away.

The goal difference at home is 11-11, or zero, while away it is 7-4, or plus 3.

We are managing to score almost two goals a match at home, but we are conceding as many.

There have been one or two goals conceded from unlucky defelections, but it is not difficult to think of 5 or 6 mistakes or elementary errors which have led to goals conceded at home.

What is it while playing at home - a burning commitment to win for the sake of the crowd, complacency, or...?

The fact remains that we seem to have re-found the problem of defending against set-pieces last night.

Or is it "just one of those things"? Whatever the reason, to come close to beating the top team away on Saturday and then struggle against a bottom team on Tuesday at home, is very disappointing.

Perhaps on Saturday on his return Ward will bring some organisation back to the defence!

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