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standing meeting

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Excellent meeting tonight [Thursday] regarding standing/sitting in the Barclay!! Would say about 60 attended. The main issue being the last six rows in blocks c/d/e who are the persistent standers.

Neil Doncaster very much on our side and it seems that the club has worked hard to argue the "SAFETY ISSUE??" (it seems its the FLA who argue there is a safety issue cause they say so!)

apparently the FLA has evidence that there are certain areas that do not sit during a game, to counteract this, the club needs proof that at parts of the game the whole Barclay sits.

A vote was taken that fans would sit for a short time  to allow a photograph to be taken, which the club could use to counteract the FLA and local licensing authority.

Several good (and funny) suggestions were made to arrange how this could be done and suggestions included a "mr Carrow" type announcement, a "sit down for the photograph" song to the obvious, an announcement on the electronic scoreboard suggesting " please would you sit down".

Fan power needs to bring this to the attention of all fans to prevent any sanctions which the club would be looking to avoid, which could include those 6 rows being closed.

Several good points were raised including a point raised following excellent reserach regarding human rights and nationality issues!

Also a free pie and pint into the bargain.


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Couldn''t get to the meeting as live far far away

As this thread is already on the bottom of page 1 only 10 hours after posting and the subject is important can this post/subject be "pinned" so that it receives wide attention?


By the way how was my Pie and Pint?


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