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St.John Cooper

We will go down

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I was at the game today and there is no easy way to say this but we are simply not good enough. We can not win, look incapable of scoring and our defence looks as fragile as broken glass.  We were a disgrace but I am not like the Southampton fans and blame the players as it is not their fault, they do do their best but it is not good enough. Teams have worked us out. All this talk about we were good and the win is coming is rubbish, the time for talk has long gone and we look doomed for relegation. The board have shown no imagination, while we need to watch our spending we do need to spend a little, we have signed no one of significance and that shows as we sit bottom of the table.  I do hope we turn the corner but I just can not see it, we must enjoy the season.  All this talk of being back where we belong is nonsense, we have not won and frankly on today performance will not.  Lets show some imagination and buy a striker who is quality and may help us survive.  But for this I fear we will have to spend 3 to 5 million and this as we all know will not happen, what I want to know is where has all that extra revenue gone?



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