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No, not the thought of relegation, its too early to be thinking about that and I''m just enjoying the season that''s panning out exactly as I and most fans I know were expecting. We''re down the bottom with Palace and West Brom. And that''s West Brom with a £4.5m striker by the way.

No, its not even the thought that some of the people on this board (and most football boards if truth be known) are incredibly pessimistic, cynical, joyless and generally despise anything and anyone to do with the club.

No, for me the scary thing is how increasingly the media are reporting what''s written on boards as being representative of the generality of fans'' opinions. More and more there are reports based on clips from the board, they even fill half a page of the paper Pink ''Un with stuff copied from here now! And apparently the players do read them. The national media are at it too, "fans on the Internet are generally in favour of this or that".

So, us couple of hundred sad souls, apparently we are the voice of the fans, we represent Norwich City.

There really is no hope.

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