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[quote user="newcastle uni canary"]far too many swear words.[/quote]have to say... I agree. I listened for the first min and was put off by the swearing... Not that i am precious, I mean i live in Croydon and i''m used to hearing f''ing this and c''ing that - and that''s just from the OAP''s!A few points. 1. To make this good (if you could get it as half as good as the exeter one i would be a reg listener/watcher) you need to get straight into what you want to talk about... 2. saying ''we''re back!'' two or three times right at the beginning of a podcast isn''t a good idea, especially when most people don''t know you nor can see you. 3. It''s personal at the moment, it''s obviously you and friends which is fine but again, the joe public doesn''t know who you are or knows what you look like so therefore... probably don''t care about someone''s haircut or where you''ve been.Once you''ve built up a good following or got it as a video you could perhaps be a little bit more like this. 4. Don''t talk over eachother! the sound quality doesn''t allow you to do it.  (btw... once i started writing this i decided to listen to the whole thing) 5. script  it. say what you''re going to talk about at the top of the prog. 6. Get a mic to pic up the sound a little better. 7. GET IT ON VIDEO!!! you''ve obviously gone to a lot of effort and it is a GREAT idea... to make it worth while i think you need to go just that bit further and get it on video. If you don''t i think it is sadly doomed to failure for a wider audience. 8. You made some really good points and were interesting... But all the above over shadow this. Honestly not having a dig, totally commend all of ou for the idea and effort... but it would be awesome if you could act on some if not all of the above. James5.

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