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Bridging the gulf

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We have often wondered how many of our present squad would be up to standard when/if we are promoted.Was the gulf between our present division and the Championship illustrated by the performance of Russell Martin on Saturday? For many supporters he was MOM. He was however not wanted by Peterborough once in the Championship. Is his performance now the result of managerial (PL) encouragement, and performance which could be sustained in the Championship? Or is he better because he has dropped down a division?We know that Drury could cope with the higher division, and Doc, Rusty and Hughes, and probably Lappin. Hoolahan could. There are questions about C. Martin, Holt and the youngsters. There are suspicions that T-J, Gill, Whaley and Wiggins could not, and Askou and Nelson also? Macnamee is a complete unknown.We all want promotion, and we have as good a chance as we may ever have at the moment, but PL may be asking himself who can we get in during the "window" who could cope with the higher division.

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