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What Happened to The Norwich Supporters IFA side

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A few years ago, Norwich Supporters had an Ifa side. Does any one know anything about this. E.g what happened to the side, who use to run it.

For those of you who do not know, The IFA, is The Internet Football Association, you can check it out by going to our Web site at http://internetfootball.org.uk/

But in short, it is all about Supporters from opposing teams, having a game of football, before your main team plays later on in the day. Players of all abilities, ages can play. Normally teams consist of over 18''s, but you can play younger players, if you wish, there are procedures which have to be followed though.

All games are 90 minute games, played to Fa rules, the only difference is, you can use rolling subs. All of the games you play are league games, and again if you go to the ifa site, and look up the league, you can get an idea of the teams who already have teams in the league. There are over 80 at the moment.

In the summer the season finishes with what is called The Worldnet tournament. This year it was played over the weekend of The 24 25 26 th july up in Leeds. There were 64 teams in the main competition, and 16 teams in the Vets Competition. Including teams from Europe and Africa, Like RC Lens, and Arsenal Nigeria. It is a great competition and a brill weekend.

So to finish off with.

Does any one know what happened to the old team, is any one interested in getting a team together.

If you would like further info, reply to this post and i will get back to you. Or contact me direct.

If you are wondering i am one of the committee members and it would be good to welcome you back.

P.s Your local rivals are active in the IFA, and have played you on occassion in the past. You can''t let them be the only side representing your  area, now can you.


Cheers SSM




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