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The Chirp

Ambition? You bet!

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I have only scan read the board this morning so i don''t know if it''s been said but... Guys, Norwich are signing very decent players!Alnwick - brilliant competition for Theo... Rudd prob not ready and maybe likely to leave on loan?Wiggins - Got pals who are Palace fans and they saw him as a class player. From what I have seen of him we have signed someone with great potential... and a current Wales U21... Drury has a fight on his hands that''s for sure!Whaley - I think this boy will prove to be just as good as Croft, young and played a lot in the championshipAll three are quite ambitious signings, Hughes is a very ambitious signing and shows that Norwich are actually serious about promotion. Put it this way, I bet you this team we have would beat the team we started out with last season, especially if Maric and Holt sign. Also, I bet you with this team we would have not got relegated. Problem is, staying in the Championship is easier than getting into it... Let the season commence!

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