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everyones posting this so thought I'd join in!

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5 to 6 months ago (when ever it was) when Gunn Got the job I thought, oh god here we go.....

Now that we are down and out, players leaving, the good ones! what do we do when we need a manager that WILL show that this club means business!

Like I said a PAUL INCE or similar, someone who would light the fans alight again!


Someone who when I saw his picture on the back of the PAPER, on the TV News and on the PINK-UN website would make me and others say ...

"About bloody time, now we have a better chance of a good season and some attacking and tactics in our play."

BUT NO!!! its cheapo NCFC again, once again the same old SH*T! Poor old Gunn, no idea how to attack, lob it up to Lee! and its 74mins, time for a sub!

(sorry very angry at the moment!)

Glad I didn''t renew this year with the season ticket, simply had enough, Got a Membership instead, just incase I want to see the old game ...

then again I may have wasted my £15 as well?


Lets hope and pray I didn''t!!!!

Cheers ALL



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