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Another Gunn Thread

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Yes, another Gunn thread, and yes another thread about why we shouldn''t have signed him as the new manger.  Gunn is a legend at the club and always will be, or will he?  He is under a lot of pressure because he is a legend here and people really want him to do well (including me) but if we are playing poorly and at the end of the season we are only mid table there will no doubt be people calling for Gunn''s head and there will be protests and I really don''t want the guy to go through that.

And there is every chance that we will be only mid table.  One, he has no managerial experience, how is he going to know how to adapt from physical to football style each game, how is he going to know what team to build to get us out of that league?  Two, he has nocontacts for players, although he will have scouts he will have no contacts from other clubs he has been to because he has only been here!  But hopefully he will get in touch with Fergie and we can have one of his young guns!  And three, he is a proven bad manager.  When he took charge we were slipping towards the bottom three but we weren''t in it, I''m sure a different manager would never have put us in the relegation zone.

I think Gunn is another backwards step, and god knows what we will be talking about this time next year!

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