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To those who think going down will change things for the better

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Going down to L1 will not bring about any good change. The Smith''s are surely not going to want to sell NCFC as a L1 club and make a massive loss on their investment. They''ll hang around as long as they can in the hope that we can climb back up the slippery pole to the Championship. We won''t be able to afford a decent manager next season so team Gunn will stay on. Half our squad are loan players the likes of which will not want to return to a L1 club on loan or sign permanent deals. We''ll not resign Shakell or keep hold of Croft and a handful senior players will be sold to balance our books. All this leaves us with a cash strapped board, an inexperienced management team, a load of youngsters and no transfer budget. Gunn will bring in a load of free agents and have to play the kids in a league which is even more physical than the Championship.

So in conclusion I can''t see anything good about going down. Let''s just hope Plymouth do us a favor and our boys can muster up one last final push over the top.

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