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You may be feeling.............

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Angry, depressed, p***ed off, jubilent (for those who wanted us to be relegated you got your wish).  But please can we stop blaming eachother, and please try to look outside the box a little.

We all know there are so many reasons as to why we are where we are, not one person making decisions but lots.

Reading a post from a Scouser tonight brought me to tears at how far we have fallen, but back biting, sniping and slagging off fans is IMHO below the belt.

Be pi***d off with the situation, but please don''t have a pop at us who have supported the club all our lives for the situation we tragically find ourselves in, it''s childish and quite frankly pathetic.

Without fans paying for tickets, and ST''s and memberships we wouldn''t have a club to support.


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