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Football agents

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Don''t you just hate them.
For the top players like David Bekham they provide a useful service finding lucrative advertising and sponsership deals. For 99% of other players they just take a cut of the players fee every two or three years when they negotiate a new contract. If there was no agent then the player would end up with more money as there would be no cut for the agent.
There would also be fewer agents telling clubs you can''t afford my player.
There is only a finite amount of money available and players would recieve more if every penny of the wages budget went to the players themselves.
The agents are not the ones out on the pitch winning games but they want the same luxury lifestyle, and if people like Eric Hall can spend over £1000 a month on cigars then they are overpayed. If I pay money to watch a football match I resent some of that money going to a fat cat in a ferrari who does nothing constuctive but is trying to screw the club for every penny he can get.

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