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2 games to go what now then...

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Hi all


Have not posted for a while. Been too fed up with it all to really give a damn any more.


Anyway, 2 games left 6 points and some favours needed from other sides, not looking good is it.

After all the mess is said and done, who would you like incharge next season.

Personally in League 1 or the Championship I would like PAUL INCE but unfortunatly I fear that Gunn and co are here to stay. Seems that he was given the job as a a cheap option that if it worked would make him and co an even bigger legend than he already is. Can''t see the board changing the cheap option in League 1, and why get Crooky from Aussy for 6 months?

Anyway, I know this has been discussed before, but I feel that stay up or go down the Gunn and co issue will just be annoced in the early summer and noone will be surprised at all.

Personally we need a Manager like PAUL INCE, something completly different, and new approach, none of the yellow blood crap!

Any views? Cheers All

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