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If I had the wings of  a sparrow

Once Upon a time

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There was a little incy wincy football club based in the southern part of East Anglia. 1 Year they flukely got promoted to the top league called the Premier league & on limited resources they finished in 5th position with basically the same team as they were promoted with.

After this there obnoxios Chairman lost sight that they were still only a little incy wincy Football Club & went out & spent lots of money on all differnet types of Globetrotting Football stars.

The players who had brought the little incy wincy Football Club a degree of success got all upset the new players also got all upset but not too upset because they were earning lots of nice money for not alot of effort.

Anyway all the little incy wincy Football Club needed was a new striker & defender like nearly all clubs & that would guarantee them Champions league football.

However when they had spent all their creditors money & realised they were going back to were they came from they decided to have 1 last throw of the dice. They spent what little was left of their creditors money on retaining most of the under performing & 1 season wonders to try & get them back in the biggest league.

After a few months they realised this was not going to work & completely shafted everyone who had been near the little incy wincy football club.

This meant that the Creditors did not want to do business with the little incy wincy football club anymore & those who did charged inflated prices to get some of the money back that they had lost.

The little incy wincy football club lost fans because of this & are despised by most of the other Clubs around the country for trying to gain an unfair advantage. Even today the little incy wincy football club are still suffering even though there currently lofty position might state otherwise.

Many other clubs have taken a similar route & not many of them have lived happily ever after.

The moral of the story is don''t spend money you can ill afford if not you will live happily ever bankrupt.

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