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Although I can''t see this happening any time soon, I wonder whether a switch to this sort of formation would suit Norwich. We used it previously to great effect when we won the league with Hucks, Mckenzie and Svennson upfront, and it seemed to compensate somewhat for the defensive weakness of Huckerby as a left winger. Could it not be used in a similar way with Hoolahan playing behind a front two of say Killen and Cort, or even Hoolahan and Gow behind one or other of those two strikers. We could have three central midfielders whose main job would be to break up opposition attack and feed the front three. That midfield trio could be made up of Pattison, Russell and Clingan. While we might sacrifice a bit of width and pace with Croft, it would hopefully give us a bit more defensive resilience. If we needed further bodies in the midfield to protect a lead we could bring on Croft down the right as more of a right midfielder than attacker and switch to a 4-4-2 with Pattison wide left. Any thoughts as to if this might work?

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