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New management team, but so far old frailties

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Bryan Gunn and co have certainly got the midfield going, although they took their collective foot off the gas in the second half.What worries me are the other faults which have been with us for so long. Firstly that our strikers are not scoring - one Cureton goal in the last six, and this from a Barnsley error. We can''t expect the midfield to keep delivering the goods. I hope that we sign at least one striker, and that McDonald turns out to be good, and we sign him. If not, we desperately need another.Secondly goals gifted by the defence. The first was unfortunate, the second goal was a compound of errors committed by fullback, goalkeeper and markers. The result of the second was a regulation practice-ground goal for Saganowski. If Purse does not sign for us, then we clearly need one or two defenders. Perhaps it is in the defence that Crook can make a great contribution, - instilling a shape and method, weeding out those who lose concentration and teaching one or two "none shall pass" tackling.The result was a disappointment, but it shows what could be achieved with a concerted, 90 minute concentration and effort.

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