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Essex Yellow

When will we play 4-4-2 at home!

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Not that Forest were world beaters today but we make it so difficult playing with only one up front. We have missed a good opportunity today against a side that shipped 4 at home against Doncaster and put a little distanced between the likes of Southampton, Forest and Doncaster. Without Lita and with that formation, I can''t see it improving. How Lupoli does not even get on the bench never mind the team amazes me. Over 21,000 of us have given up time and money to watch this tosh and its not good enough. We are easy pickings away from home and are not positive enough at home. Can you really see that side getting anything away? We have just the 26 points and the magic 51 points for safety (which should be enough this season) seems miles away as we have no away form which makes most of our remaining home fixtures, must wins.

Roeder has to take some responsibility here and wise up that relegation to league one is not a option. He seems to find excuses far too easily although his ''tactics'' today were in part coupled with our inability to pass the ball; a) to a yellow shirt and b) forwards it is something that needs a drastic change to avoid a drop to the third tier of English football.

I''d like to think it can''t get any worse! - Thoughts please? 


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