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Patched up with selloptape

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I am going to have a rant, feel like one so here goes. We constantly chirp on about how well run this football club is, but I say we are losing focus again on what really counts, the playing staff.

Players are signed for ''big'' money (Emblen, Nielsen) which is big money to City, and others that are worth a fair few quid......what do we do with them.....let them all leave for nothing. We release players, lose players, and then either replace them with players Worthy doesn''t rate (Briggs) or who aren''t good enough. We rely on the players coming through but who aren''t ready yet.

There is no money now for transfers when we really need it and the result is a centre midfielder who is not on top of his game playing right back then centre half with no cover on the bench. The biggest earner is past it and one of our centre halves is on the way out. PLayers who should get a chance don''t and tactically we are getting exposed fo rit now. With no depth on the bench we have no other options if teams suss us out. Our front line, loanees apart is blunt and the result, we patch things up blowing more cash.

Now fair play for bringing them in, but what about the well run long term planning we keep hearing about. A couple of injuries and we are stuffed, forget promotion at this rate. In the last three games teams have figured out how to nullify us and we have dropped points because of it. What does the future hold. Don''t get me wrong, we are in a great position, but the old bubble may burst and people will realise with horror what little we have left.

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