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Prediction...Sept 2nd

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"The club(insert clubs if nec),just didnt play ball and this has left me frustrated after all our efforts! I have to say it was not for the want of trying,by everyone connected to our club who were constantly manning the phones until the last minute,but alas it was all in vain..I knew our target(insert targets if nec), wanted to come, and if he had, im sure would have been a great asset for us! But this is the football transfer market in the modern game,and even when players wishes  to move, the control lies with the club,so sometimes their are denied their wish, and we have to accept this and move on. Not that this is the end of my quest. I shall,with my backroom staff,continue to explore all other avenues,like the short/long term loan market..and if injuries becomes a problem up front,we will use the recall option on martin at luton,who apparently has been in good form."


Please glen prove me wrong, and do whatever is neccesary to get your target,including if needs be, taking delia out and getting her drunk,and persueding her to sign a check even if you have to fool her into thinking its the bill for the meal.

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