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I hesitate to add yet another posting on the subject of the takeover that never was, but I would like to ask each "side" just one question:The Board:What do you mean by the mantra "We are always seeking new investment"? Are you expecting wealthy people to put in millions without having any sort of control over what happens? The Turners have apparently offered to lend £2m, which is good but will not buy much, for which they gained a place on the board.Peter CullenWhat did you mean by being willing "to contribute £20m for new players so long as you gained control?"Did you expect to  buy out at least 50%, but be prepared to buy 100% if everybody wanted to sell their shares to you?It seems to me that both positions are unreasonable, the Board expecting to obtain the large sum needed for years of under-spending but without relinquishing control and the Bidder expecting to gain control and pump money in for team building.Do I detect some personal animosity here - raising the share price well above its asset value, demanding to make a return on investment and avoiding the effects of debt, or converely "going public" and trying to force hands?The losers of all this, of course, are the fans, who have loyally turned up in their thousands, home and away, and who bought shares when things were dire, never expecting to get their money back nor any sort of financial return. I can understand their anger, I can understand the protests if what we all fear happens, - that GR has not had the funds were all believed to expect and we finish with a team barely able to do more than stave off relegation again, and then GR leaving soon.Like many others, I believe something must happen soon, before support falls off and relegation happens, - possibly not in that order.

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