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Crewe match

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What a great day yesterday. I''ve never had such a laugh in my life. I''m not a Norwich fan but my girlfriend''s family is. They had a spare ticket in the Crewe section so I went along to join the party.

The match itself was excellent - I now see why Norwich won the league. And as for Roberts'' first goal - what can I say? One of the best moves and pieces of passing I have seen for ages, finished by a powerful left-foot finish by the veteran. I also had my first experience of Huckerby live and I now appreciate what he adds to the team. There is no one like him in Division 1. He takes so much pressure off the rest of your team, especially the defence. Give him the ball and you will have possession outside the opposition box in seconds.

The fans of both sides were excellent. The Crewe fans certainly added to the occasion. And at least Gradi sent his team out to play, rather than to stop Norwich from winning. The Norwich fans were great, though I have never seen so many strangely dressed people! If this is a cross-section of Norfolk soceity then I am glad I don''t live there - only joking!

Anyway, thanks to both clubs, fans and teams and fans alike, for making this such a great day. I know I enjoyed myself and it looked like both sets of supporters did too.

Good luck in the Premiership. Hope you do what Portsmouth have done this season.

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