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Posting links to other sites/articles - how to?

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I''ve seen a number of posts in the forum that include posts to other sites/articles, in fact I''ve posted a few myself. You can make them active links by including them inside a little HTML and then you posted link can be clicked on by other readers.

So to post a link to the Canaries home site you would type in:

< a href="http://www.canaries.co.uk/">Canaries Home Page

removing the initial space character between the "<" and the "a href". The notation is the way to define a hyperlink on the page.

In the example, the text "Canaries Home Page" will appear as a "pink" text that is active and can be clicked on, thereby diverting your reader to the article link you''ve posted.

My apologies to those posters here who already knew how to do this, but to those who didn''t I hope this is helpful.

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