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Saint Canary

Paper thin squad

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Just took a look at our "Squad" photo, oh dear!
33 people on that picture, 11 of whom are non-playing staff. That leaves 21 pro footballers, well 20 as Notman and Nielsen have now left.
So we have 20 first team squad players. Abbey has a long term injury problem and won’t play this season, so now we are down to 19. Of the remaining 19, 5 are all youngsters with very little experience under their belts, that’s not to say they are not good players but you can’t expect all of them to make the standard right away.
That now leaves us 14, just 14 seasoned professionals!

The loan players have been exciting and I assume if anyone else is to be added to the squad it will be as a loan. Loan signings are not going to solve the long-term problem of lack of depth in our squad, we need to buy.

I know the situation with money and I have seen all the arguments that we have none and we have nothing left to secure a loan against BUT the fact of the matter is we cannot afford to stay in Div 1 for much longer or the club will no longer exist, we lost £4million last year, how much more of our already small squad can be sacrificed to cut the wage bill, I don’t think we have many players who Premier League clubs are beating the door down to pay good money for, so we can’t make money that way. A season in the Premier League with sensible spending could clear most of our debts. I think we are just going to have to hope that our youngsters turn out to be top class because that’s the only way we are going to leave this league going up and not down!

.......Unless the board can squeeze some money from somewhere.

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