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Erm, not.

Look back at this article by Royle:

What stands out for me:

"I wouldn''t say the division is any stronger or weaker than last season. "But I don''t believe there is any difference between the top of the First Division and the bottom eight in the Premiership."

....Except of course if Norwich happen to be at the top if it....

"It was because of our defensive frailties that we didn''t make it [02/03] and I have moved to do something about that by signing three defensive players to improve the side," said Royle, who has added George Santos from Grimsby and Drissa Diallo (Burnley) to his defence, as well as goalkeeper Kelvin Davis from Wimbledon.

....which shows what a quality manager he is, doesn''t it!


"People say we were unlucky to just miss out [in 02/03] but that doesn''t cut with me."

Is this the same Royle that bemoans their luck after every loss?

He makes Chris Kamara look like he''s talking sense!


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