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Worcester Yellow

Lets focus on enjoying the fresh players now

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So its all over...

Most of us are a tadge disappointed... but hey...

Moaning will change nothing... judge Glenn and the board in the summer.. he had money but chose not to spend it all...

And in the meantime we have a team playing well... confident... fighting FOR eachother... (instead of fighting eachother)... and entertaining us...

Is that not a whole lot better than what we have had to endure since the Championship season?

And I think we are CERTAIN to have a real good go next year... I really believe in Glenn... hes the right man for this club...

In the meantime... just enjoy what we have got... lets be honest... does anyone really believe if we had bust the bank and made the play offs... we would have stood ANY chance of staying up next year?

I really couldn''t do another season of constant defeats... ( I thought we''d been renamed Norwich City Nil in the prem season )...and Glenn will need time to properely build a sustainable squad up...


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