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My balls are in perfect alignment...

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Well, I couldn''t stay away for ever!

Been a tough three weeks in the new job, and I''ve been just too knackered to get logged on. I''ve missed it terribly. I even had to rely on a Hull City fan to tell me we''d got Bentley today.

So whats all this ''balls in alignment'' stuff. Well several weeks ago I was very concerned about Wiz''s ''cloudy balls'' - but reading back through the threads I see a quite outstanding prediction about Palace - so they must be clearing up quite nicely.

Well, I bought 2 new pairs of trousers at the weekend, and everything in my spherical department is now well and truely ship shape and bristol fashion!

This leads me, somewhat nearer to the point, that confidence re next season is rising in Chez NMTD.

I am certain, neigh convinced, that Crouchy is on his way - it just all adds up. The alignment is true and just - he''ll be with us soon.

If I''m wrong - blame Matalan!!

Hopefully I''ll be able to pop back now and again and check on how everyone is doing - DD will undoubetly be past the 1000 post milestone - top marks! Glad to hear Mrs Wiz is doing well and starting to fancy some of the ''young pups'' - ooooh young man!

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I can now confirm NMTD, that my balls are now crystal clear, well, Mrs wiz is feeling a bit better so she''s polishing them a bit harder these days.

But, and its a big but, I can see no sign of Peter Crouch on the horizon in them. I really believe Sir Nigel''s giving up on him, I know I have!. There are other strikers about, who are proberly just as good as him and more important, cheaper!

I would recheck your spheres alignment once again, although I could be wrong on this, its not unknown. Or you could be having a spherical reaction to your new trousers, that why I wear a purple robe you understand, no chaffing.

And you know that stuff that they used to put in soldiers tea to take their minds of the opposite sex, well guess what was in Mrs wiz''s tea this morning!.

My crystal balls however do predict that your new job will work out fine for you, and that all your old strength will soon return. And you know just acccurate I''ve been of late!.

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