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ron obvious

Bigger fish to fry

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I''m wondering if Roeder is really that bothered to sign more players in the current transfer window.

Is it possible he thinks that Norwich are quite capable of surviving as is - perhaps with a couple more decent loans for back-up?

Because, what.s the alternative; spend a lot of cash to sign good quality championship players? To reach the play-offs? To get promotion?

So, you get promoted. With a team full of championship players. Like Derby - like last time, in fact. We all know what happens next. OK, you get parachute payments, but they''re never going to be enough to guarantee instant re-promotion.

So, what I''m thinking is, perhaps Glenn''s playing a longer game; slowly picking up the RIGHT players, players who won''t be out of place in the Premiership. For the time being I think he''d rather loan in the best quality he can find, rather than sign indifferent ones  he''ll have to ditch later. I think the situation with Tiny may be an indication of his thinking; he may be very reluctant to pay anything over his valuation because, although excellent at championship level, he suspects Taylor can''t quite cut it at the next level up. A Malky type player.

This will necessarily be a slow process, because splashing out the £30 million or so needed to buy in the ready made articles just ain''t gonna happen. We have to rely on Glenn''s contacts, experience & shrewd judgement.

We need patience.

God help him.

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