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Cheryl Fing Tweedy!!!!

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Sorry I never usually post anything unrelated to NCFC but...

CHERYL Fing TWEEDY and every other WAG out there is what is destroying English football!!!

I read an article in my missus''s mag today (honestly it was in the toilet and there was nothing else to read...)

And Cheryl Tweedy was being interviewed, the first question was how is Ashley coping with England not qualifying for Europe...

HER REPLY (oh my god...) "I told him not to worry at least we could go on holiday earlier this year"


You dumb bint!!! the man earns over £100k a week. His heart and soul should be in football and playing for England!!!

OMG I would have kicked her out (after shagging her mind) what a joke...

The problem is all these WAGs are saying the same thing, maybe it''s just easier to let the women get what they want???

If we don''t qualify at least she won''t moan at me about a late holiday...

If I''m in the reserves I''m still earning enough to pay for her shopping bills...

If I reject that loan offer she won''t have to move to Norwich...

God give me strength........  rant over


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