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Jimmy Gee

The board have ruined our club

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I''m sick of Delia and co getting applauds and sitting with the fans like she''s some damn messiah. This club is well and truly down the pan because of absolute pathetic management from the top. That includes Doncaster and Jones too.

After bowing out of the Premier league we sunk like a submarine without fuel. Due to the board''s refual and denial at Worthingtons inability to remotivate his team, we struggled at least a year longer than what was necessary, and wasted a whole year''s parachute money in the process.

Following the eventual dismissal of their own "Special One" (only done so because the fans were at a point of riot), they then appoint an unproven assistant coach. If an "unproven assistant coach" is the level of management that Norwich City aspire to recruit, then I really can''t be bothered with wasting my money on this club anymore. Now we see the consequence of the board''s complete incompetence, not just following the QPR game, but our regression over the past three years.

It''s all too painful now. Grant and the board all need to go. Our club is ruined, and now it desperately needs somebody with new ideas and passion to revive this once great club.



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