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FilletTheFishWife .

Reflections on QPR

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It was dire.


I don’t think Grant can cut it. He got rid of Worthy’s dross but the replacements are no better than the predecessors (with the exception of Marshall).


Frankly, I don’t think the board have any confidence in him either, otherwise they would have given him more money to buy decent players. Instead you pay peanuts and get monkeys albeit with multi-coloured boots. (ditto managers it would seem).


The board are so scared of spending but seem to have lost sight of the fact that, if they don’t compete, the revenue which they have taken for granted from several year’s season ticket sell-outs etc, tv money etc will diminish rapidly when we get relegated and so perpetuate the downward spiral.


Everyone, who supports them (the board), points at Leeds as an example of how over-spending goes wrong, conveniently ignoring other success stories and without consideration of a compromise between the two models.


The board will torture us by prolonging Grant’s tenure as they did with Worthy and I can realistically see us relegated to the 3rd tier for the first time in my lifetime.


Furthermore, our success has been very dependant on Huckerby, and he has lost form too (although some conspiracy theorists unbelievably think this is deliberate).


I was watching Grant last night who was obsessed with Huckerby’s and Martin’s position upfield when we were defending corners, almost to the extent of pinpointing the exact blade of grass they needed to be standing on. Astonishing.


Now if only we’d appointed Bryan Robson….!

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