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Failed custodians - out!

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Extract from 1999 NCFC board statement on sale of Darren Eadie:

 If the Club is serious in its desire to reach the Premier League, shouldn''t it be buying to strengthen the squad or keep our existing players? What the Board is not prepared to do is to take risks that could be to the detriment of your Club. We feel in a very privileged position, in that we are custodians of Norwich City for the present time. It''s not our Club; it''s yours, and it is the Board''s duty to see that it is still in business in the future.

Well, since the Club is ours, not yours, why don''t you just give it back to us and p*ss off as your custodianship has failed miserably and is detrimental to our club.

Take your money with you too. All it has bought is failure, decline and much embarrasment to us.

C''mon. Let''s be havin'' you then. Some time this coming week will do.





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