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PG needs to man up a bit!!!!!

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Cureton and Doc should not have been playing last night!!! Why does Peter Grant insist on playing players that are not fit!!!


PG quotes


“It''s the same with Jamie Cureton, to be fair. He''s not trained since the weekend either, I just thought taking a chance with both of them…….."


Taking a chance on what, ruling them out for weeks, like the Doc has now done!!!

Surly it’s the manager’s responsibility to stand up to players and say your not playing. We saw it earlier in the season as well with Murray at Rochdale.


We have good replacements, we could have eaily played Dion in the back four and had Martin up front with Brown Or Dave, its not as I JC has been banging them in anyway!!!!


Whens he going to mix things up a bit and give palyers a chance..... come on PG wake up and sort things out!!!!

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