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will saf go as well?

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On his day, Etuhu was immense, unfortunately, he only turned up in 25% of the games he played in.  However, he obviously seemed to be a big part of Grants plans for the coming season.  With Brellier allowing him to go forward, I think they would''ve had a very good partnership.  Then with Safri, a good sub for one of those 2, maybe even a starter ahead of 1 of those 2, our midfield would have been pretty formidable.  Now, Etuhu gone, Safri possibly on his way, we are up the creek without a paddle.  If Saf goes, we certainly need 2 midfielders to replace them, and I don''t mean playing Doc in midfield either!

Getting £1.5m for Etuhu, I think was not bad, I would''ve bitten Keane''s hand off if he would''ve offered it at Christmas.  People say that theres nothing the club can do if he has a clause in his contract.  The money offer could have been upped.  It wasn''t as if he wouldn''t sign if we added another million onto it, that is rubbish.  The same goes with Earnie, the clause should''ve started at £5m.  I bet Earnie would''ve allowed that.  He wanted away from West Brom and we were offering a good contract and 1st team football on a plate.

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