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It looks like Radio Suffolk have the same mentality as the Evening Star.

This morning, on my drive from Norfolk into Suffolk, I tuned into Radio Norfolk at 7.25 to listen to their sports report, and then onto Radio Suffolk at 7.30 to hear their version.

Whilst Radio Norfolk acknowledged the Ipswich win, as they always do, amazingly, Radio Suffolk, after reporting on the Ipswich match, reported the outcome of WBA v Wigan, with a brief match overview, then stated all other Div 1 results.......except Norwich v Gillingham. Absolutely nothing was said.

Its not the first time I''ve heard this. At most there''s a grudging reference but frequently nothing. At least Radio Norfolk have the fairmindedness - and maturity - to report the wider scene. Ipswich are always mentioned and generally positively, derbies excluded.

Looks like if you live in Suffolk, your radio staion censors what you should hear - and the Evening Star what you may read.

Oh dear..............

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