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Whats a right winger

Burnley ratings

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Warner 7 Didn''t have much to do

Hughes 5 oh those crosses

Dublin 8

Shacks 7


Croft 7 despite being battered

Spillane 7 best I''ve seen him play in first team or ressies

Etuhu 8

Eagle5 not enough pace or strength

Renton 6 Did pretty well first half but struggled a bit second,

Martin 6.5 would have been 7 but for one bad miss

subs Earnie 7 getting fitter

Bally not really time to judge

Referee 4. 100% agree with Granty. Totally inconsistent ie foot up by Croft foul, foot up by Burnley player on Croft not a foul, push by Dublin foul, push on Rents play on. Same arrogant idiot that caused us to have to go to Burnley midweek, in other words a typical Premiership ref


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