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My maths is not too strong on a Sunday afternoon but it would be interesting to sit down with  a sheet of paper and work out how much our current sqad is worth now, compared to what they cost.

I`m sure you will correct me on the figures as I cant be bothered to check

 I think Hughes, cost £500k  worth probably £50k

Robinson cost £50k worth probably £10k plus 5000 Nectar points

Thorne cost a bomba, worth  absolutely nothing

Louis John  cost a fair bit plus medical "on costs" mainly valued now for medical research....£20 per session

Dion cost I think nothing, bought as a last minute stocking filler, worth his weight in gold

Gallagher cost ?  worth nothing but plays a piano and sings with his eyes shut, some value in a peep show

Doc cost £300k? started life with us as a striker, soon found his true position, admired by opposing teams for generous lapses and indeed scoring them the odd goal.

Brown, cost c£300k, unknown potential but currently being persued by the Bang Bus

Anyway thats enough, add a few more!

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