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The Worthington Legacy

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Positives1) The memory of playing in the Premiership - all the youngsters and the players who have been with us since 2004. This must surely whet their appetite, especially somebpdy like Hux whose pace and therefore influence must begin to decline soon.2) The support of the fans, especially the number who are prepared to travel. There may have been divisions recently, but surely we can all get together behind the new man, and give him years, rather than weeks.(I really can''t think of any more pluses which will help his successor.)Negatives1) A squad too small and not much money left to buy new players. Too much deadwood, which means that we can''t get rid of them soon or the squad will be even smaller.2) A leaky defence - especially central defenders - not a patch on Malky and Flem at his best. Every free-kick and corner by opponents seems likely to lead to a goal, marking is not tight enough, and players roam out of position......3) Youngsters who have not really been tried for a whole game or a run of games, and/or who have been played out of position.4) A team who very easily lose confidence and play with fear. People have noticed a difference between the first team and the Academy/Reserves. The first team began brightly but now show fear, don''t want to receive the ball and get rid of it quickly and carelessly. The youngsters are happier on the ball, happy to receive it (-run into space to receive it) and use it much better. It may be that some have come under the influence of David Williams (- please don''t get rid of him in any staff clear-out), but some may have received their basics from other coaches.The squad is inadequate in size, and one or two may be questionable on attitude or skill. If there are any more injuries, which is likely, then we are not good enough. Unless some youngsters can gain favour and play well, it is difficult to see how the new manager will produce a promotion side by next May. When some of the (elderly) bench warmers leave next summer, merely to replace them will be a challenge. To increase the squad size and quality will be difficult, given the financial constraints. The new manager will need:Ability to motivate and enourage the first team.Willingness to give youngsters a fair trialKnowledge of some bargain younger players in the lower divisions who have potential.

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