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Stu Matthews

A few Postives And a lot of negatives

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When i look at the lineup before games at the moment i feel that we arent that many players of having a very good team. But unfortunately the places we are lacking are costing us dearly. Green looked good in my opinion today and has been pretty much good as season. Rehman Looked very good today and Doc has been consistant all season. Upfront we have enough good players to score against nearly every team. Earnshaw and Johannson are good strikers and thorne, jarvis, mckenzie and mcveigh are all talented individuals. In midfield is what has cost us promotion or the playoffs. Safri is always first choice in the middle. And Huckerby although not been great this season will always be on the left.

Norwichs Major Problem positions are central midfield next to safri and right of midfield (like we didnt Know!)

Last season francis and bentley were there. Francis was tidy in midfield and bombed forward and bentley put a good cross in. Now we have one of Hughes, Etuhu, Robinson, jarrett in the centre and mcveigh,hughes on the right. Simply no good. These to positions in my opinion would drastically improve the side.


Rehmen- Superb today

Earnshaw- Quiet but a good signing, will score loads

Johannson- Very Impressive.

Robinson- Nothing Great but 50k was a good deal IMO

Hughes- Sorry but No class

Etuhu- Lightweight, no authority

Jarrett- Just Go

Colin- Comical Defending


I feel we need a older experienced central midfielder, who bosses the midfield.

2 Signings worthy Quality, Not "Good Workers"

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