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tomorrows roadshow

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i see worthy will be attending the roadshow at sheringham. will people finally ask him the questions we want answered or will it be another sham like the shareholders meeting. if i could attend there are several questions i would ask but unfortunately i live too far away, but maybe some of you who are going , if indeed any of you are, would be kind enough to ask.

these are:

will you do the honourable thing and resign if we lose to ipswich as you are rapidly making us a laughing stock?

why do you continually sign crap players?

why do you continually say cant fault the effort when a bunch of 5year olds put in more effort than some of our players do

why do you not like paul mcveigh and continually have a go at him and not some of the other under performers

why do you never take a chance with youngsters?

why are you reluctant to drop robert green and darren huckerby when they have poor games but do with others like mcveigh?


please somebody let me know if we get answers to these questions, not that i think we will

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