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Sing up the river end

Worthy hasnt got a clue

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We are in a worse position than we were before we went up.The only

reason we went up when we did was cus we didnt get any injuries (if

hucks would of got injured that season we wouldnt of gone up).He has

proven he hasnt got a clue in the transfer market (Hucks and Deano ok

but anyone with a hole in there a*se could see they were good).Does he

base his signings on who can do 5 laps of the pitch in the quickest

time cus it certanly isnt anything to do with a footballing brain.Most

of them even have trouble passing a ball 5 yards.Got 2 new right backs

in and still needed to get another in on loan when the player we had

before Edworthy was better than all of them.Still doesnt seem to feel

we need a right sided midfielder.Oh its ok we have Hucks on the left

what do we need a right side for.If he stays in charge we will have 11

headless chickens running about not having a clue for 90 minutes but

after the match he will still say we battled well and they gave 100%.He

refuses to sign anyone with flare they have to be workhorses.For god

sake dont give him the money we get from Ashton to spend cus if we have

11 of his signings we will be in division 2 next season.He has even

manged to silence the Barclay and the Snake Pit they are so subdued.Its

time for a change NOW before we fall even deeper into a rutt.We are

going backwards at the moment and it is starting to look like 10 years

ago all over again.

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