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Current Problem: Championship Club With Premiership Fans

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There is much divisiveness between posters on this message board and elsewhere as to what and why the support level for the club is what it is. It is clear that the expectation of the Norwich fans was raised by the club under this regime, that our endeavour is to achieve what Bolton and Charlton have done. Once that expectation was raised, and then heightened by achieving Premiership level last season, of course the fans expectation was raised and they responded by filling the ground at almost every match. The club and management are in no way surprised at the reaction and disappointment of many as to how we have fared since, particularly during the first half of this season.

From my perspective, we do have a Championship mentality at the club in the way that we "appear" to be going about our business. Also, we clearly are demonstrating that we have Premiership level fans in terms of attendance. We had a good run of results before the Preston game. Worthy is making the noises that we are preparing for the playoff push. Okay, no matter the point of view each of us has, let''s not put spin on what will occur during the next few weeks as to whether the club is definitely focused on the Charlton model or not. Ashton will either go or he won''t. If he goes, Worthy will either be given significant funds to acquire some talent or he will not. If either of these situations are negative the fans will be justified with a capital "J" in being disappointed and, perhaps, disbelieving the intentions of the club. Let''s see what happens.

In the interim, we are a "tough" 3 points off the playoff positions. Let''s see if we can avoid using injury excuses, absences or anything else to yield the necessary results over the next five matches. If we achieve 10 points we may be in with a shout. If we are down at the 5 or 6 point yield,  IMO the playoff gap will become extremely unlikely with 13 games to go.

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