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Communication Difficulties With Foreign Players

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I must say, having listened to Harry Redknapp’s musings on the problem with foreign players, I found it most amusing as he described the inability to communicate. I agree. Having recently listened carefully to several managers with my ears more alert than Velcro ( my cat ) when a squirrels dancing about, I can fully understand the problem with communicating with foreign players. Imagine a roundtable discussion, if you will, involving three foreign players ( A, B and C we will call them ), along with Harry Redknapp, Mick McCarthy and Nigel Worthington, with a view to improving the players ability to communicate, thereby enhancing performance. It might go something like this:

Harry Redknapp:
‘allo mates. Welcum tu the first randtyble meetin wiv a vu tu improvin your abili..y tu spake proppa Inglish.

Foreign Player A to Foreign Player B:
What did he say?

Player B:
I’m not sure. Something about proper English, I think 

Mick McCarthy:
Mumble mumble mumble .....wid a grain o’ salt and ... mumble mumble mumble. I also ‘orta tyke a fu minutes ta mumble mumble mumble....( trailing off into nothingness )

Player C:
Pardon me?

Nigel Worthington:
The si...ooation is caused by bits ‘an bobs, all of which can be overcome with a bit of effat.

Player B to Player C:
What did he say?

Player C:
Effat....I think

Player B:
Good Lord!

Well, you get the gist of where I believe the difficulty exists in communications. I have a better idea Harry. Just leave the boys alone and let them play football.

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