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The board are taking us all for mugs and its about time they remembered who the people are who make this club what it is.  i.e. fans who pay a substantial amount of their hard earnt wages to watch players who earn a great deal more money then them play to their current calibre.  Perhaps they should start being honest with us - they owe us that much.  If Ashton now does go, then that to me suggests that the Club have lied to me.  The whole handling of this Ashton transfer situation has been pathetic - either he is going or he is not.  Prior to a game we get told Ashton is not playing and the club will release a statement regarding his future post match.  Then we get some pathetic vague "summary" by Worthless. For gods sake, why dont the club find some back bone and tell us as it is rather then play games with us or even LIE to us. I would love to be proved wrong and find Ashton still wearing green and yellow in Feb, but I am not convinced, if I am wrong then I will gladly eat humble pie.   In addition to this, first we are told there is no money for transfers without selling and then we are told there is money for future purchases.  Not 12 months ago we were a premiership team, now we are no better then an average championship team.  Just what the hell is going on at this club because I for one feel completely betrayed and confused at the constant media spins. I could be on here all day listing the rubbish that the board and management churn out but i really can''t be bothered because I am that fed up with the constant feeling of being taken as a fool by people who have not been associated with the club for 30 years, yet are involved in the running of it only for their own gain.  i''m sure other fans are now feeling as sick as I am!

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