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lucky green trainers

The fans deserve an explanation from the board.

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IMO City got promoted due to the club revival instigated by delia &

co, & worthy. Lets not forget the fan support as well though. 

City is well supported for a population of its size.  Also, their

generosity in supporting  2 share issues helped towards

buying  hucks, mckenzie and svenson - which ultimately propelled

us into the prem.

The city board announced after promotion their policy of ''prudence with

ambition'', declaring they wanted to do a charlton, which i think most

supporters agree with, having seen clubs blow it large and go into

administration after relegation.

I don''t envy the board one bit.  Its a public job and they take

the plaudits when things go well and the criticism when it doesn''t. The

economics of football is mad - the players are overpaid. This season,

even with parachute money & sell-out crowds of 25,000 - our budget

was spent on a small squad supplemented by loan players. They are

quality, but they come at a huge price.

The supporters have been fair to nigel - and even if they had private

doubts, there no real public blame laid on him for last seasons


This season has seen a slide that no one expected and there comes a

point when people have to face the facts, including nigel and the board.

We''ve reached a low point - where do we go from here? But, you hear

nothing from city. Doncaster said the club respects the fans opinion

and then says city are looking forward to the crewe game. Thats more or

less saying, yeah you''ve had your say but we''ll do it our way thanks.

I''n not anti-delia, but the fans deserve more of an explanation than that.

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