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The worst of all worlds...?

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It now looks as if one or two of our better players will be off in January.

As we have been repeatedly assured that we don''t need to sell any

players the conclusion is inescapable. The Board think that by giving

Worthy a cash pile from the proceeds he can pull things round!

Has anyone any faith that any expensive signings will make much

difference? After all other clubs will know about the cash pile, and

drive a hard bargain. On the basis of recent signings have we any faith

in what will happen? Will our midfield ever be among the best in the

Championship - I doubt it, with a manager who doesn''t like wide right

players and who prefers motor men to creative footballers.

The worst of all worlds would be if the strategy doesn''t work - we lose

our only real assets, and perhaps acquire one or two decent but not

outstanding players. Which club will sell us anyone outstanding, except

at an exhorbitant  price? If team selection, tactics and

motivation are as before we  might just avoid relegation but shall

have squandered everything. We might even be relegated, lose cash in

buying out Worthy, and then what we do offer any new manager, - a

ground and supporters,  a squad too small and not outstanding

enough to do anything with, and the tightest purse strings you can


It''s possible that the Board, who have put so much in to the Club, by

their failure to grasp the nettle could precipitate a decline

comparable to some of our worst years!

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Surely the worst of all worlds would be to get relegated again with all our ''assets'' intact. How much would clubs pay then for our so called ''star'' players. We would be desperate to offload and they would go for a song.

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