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Our style of football

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It may just be me, but I have been extremely disappointed with our style of football this season. Norwich has, historically, played a nice passing game. Good passing players have slowly been replaced by more physical players in what is becomming trench warfare on the pitch. Any old donkey can run around the pitch all day and stick their foot in, but in doing so we are becomming a defensively minded team. Just look at how many goals we have scored this season. Look at the service we have given our star man. Two season ago we played with flair and productivity, and played with three forwards even away from home. Last season we were naive, but the fans always got value for money whether we won or lost, on the whole we gave it a good go. Worthington always preached that it was his duty to get the players to perform and to attack. After all, the fans had paid their money and wanted to see a good attacking game. Devoid of any quality into the box this season, we have humped the ball from back to front and looked like a team with no battle plan. We too have lost belief, i cant see us coming back from 4-1 down in the same way we did against Boro this season. Cast your mind back to that game, the noise and atmosphere was incredible. Now, as soon as we concede one it looks all over - in a division below last season. Our passing is poor and our movement is poor because we are getting more and more players that are not particularly good at this. The connection between the supporters and the players on the pitch seems to have evaporated.

Our whole plan this season looks like it has been written on the same fag packet that pre-season was. And Nigel always appears to reactive, not proactive. Each week he just seems to put the fires out and make no new ground forwards.

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