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Lets not get carried away

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In the same way that we should not view Englands defeat of Argentina as a World Cup winning rehearsal , lets not get carried away with todays result.

While I''ve never seen a more convincing 2-0 win , these are my thoughts -

1 . Luton came with pretty much no other thought than to spoil the game and have a ruck.

2. Hughes could not do that again if he had another 100 stabs at it.His game , other than the goal , was poor and lets not forget that.

3. Where would we be without Safri ? Looked like he was the only one in the midfield at times.Lets hope Worthy has a plan for January (African Nations Cup).

4.Didn''t think Etuhu had a good game at all - it seemed to pass him by, but lets not judge him after one game.(Not good to see him do a Hughes style ''round the ground clapping'' rendition , however).Lets hope thats not to cover other inadequecies , a la Hughes.

5. David Wright , looks like a proper footballer - really impressed.Maybe gets too far forward at times but looked the part.

6. Hucks had his best game for some time - not looking for things to happen on their own but trying to make things happen like he did 2 seasons ago.

7. Lets hope Deano''s injury is not too bad.

Funniest thing i''ve seen in years - Ashton limps back on the field but straight away motions to the bench that he can''t go on.Ball stays in play for at least 2 minutes but Ashton never moves a muscle - clearly can''t carry on.Good passing move ends when Hughes (oblivious to anything going on around him) passes to Ashton , who has to belt it out of touch so he can be subbed..........................................................Hughes - the thinking man''s Bergkamp.

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