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charlies dad

blood pressure.

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Having exited the karate dojo as per usual on tuesday night, i tuned in for my ritual 45 minutes of total pain in the company of neil adams as i entered the car! What followed was the usual garbage, no surprises there. What did surprise me was my own reaction to the latest insult. After the cursing and imploring of the footballing gods, i became totally indifferent, almot amused by the proceedings. Waking up to the situation last night was almost an epiphany, a religious experience! Fettered by owners and chairman who have absolutely no interest in the ''product'' on the pitch, to puffed up with all the ''togetherness'' crap that they spout, managed and coached by the least succesful exponents of the art in English football over the lasy year and a half, and represented by a feckless and uncaring bunch of $$$$$$$$ who give not a fig for the club or the fans, giving, as one irate caller to the canary call on Rad. Norfolk correctly stated, one performance in every six games. Losing to Millwall, a team so bad as to be almost considered to crap for the sunday league pub scene is, in fact, FUNNY. So may I be the first to humbly apologise to all the merry clan at Carrow Road and colney, and say a big, heartfelt THANKYOU for your efforts to brighten up my existence with your attempts at black humour. To round off my thankyou letter, i have to give my heartiest pat on the back to the joker that finished off the canary call, (the highlight of which was Adams calling a caller ''stupid''), who ''cant understand all the negativity'' (priceless), and the classic last resort of a total idiot - ''they are all ipswich fans'' hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha         

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