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Doom and Gloom!

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I am one of those who thinks that Worthy has not got what it takes to get us out of the mire. Looking back, his greatest contribution was to find Hux and Crouch, and then to sign Hux. The earlier part of the season had not been too great. Promotion was due to a new sense of confidence engendered by the arrival of Hux.

The reason for the mess we''re in is partly his poor decisions, especially in the transfer market during the past two summers but also in team selection, tactics, etc. Need I say more?

Could we improve? Yes, if the evident lack of confidence could be overcome, if Hux could begin to run at and past defenders, Deano hit the target, and others raise their games. If we had unbelievable good luck with injuries and were able to put out a full side, whatever that is but it must include Safri, in other words if we played to our greatest potential.

Is a play-off place possible. Sadly, no, even if we play to our full potential,- we have too many players who are not premiership material, and not enough outstanding players.

With the present management I seriously doubt if we shall find the full potential.

A few weeks ago I would have thought the possibility of relegation so remote as to not be worth thinking about, and I still think that we shall escape it.
But something has to change - signing one or two significant players, preferably midfielders and including a wide right player, commitment by all the players, pratice at set pieces and intelligent tactics and team selection. I still doubt that these are available under the present management.

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